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Our Services

Valley Veterinary Hospital is a full service Animal Health Care Provider. We offer in­house diagnostic blood tests, digital radiography (X rays), ultrasound (including color flow Doppler), and other laboratory services. In addition to that, we also provide an ambulatory veterinary service for farm and house calls, we also have a veterinarian available on­call 24/7 for emergency services. Our physical examinations thoroughly evaluate your animal companion from head to tail and toe. The entire staff, from receptionists, to technicians and assistants, to the kennel techs, to the veterinarians, all understand that your companion is family to you. We do our absolute best to provide the compassionate and kind care your pet deserves. We also offer alternat1ive therapies such as chiropractic, acupuncture, prolotherapy, nutritional counseling, grooming, boarding, and more. If you'd like more information, to schedule an appointment, or if you just have questions, please give Valley Veterinary Hospital a call at (406) 442-0188 or send us an email: Thanks!


A non-invasive method to achieve and maintain health, "chiropractic" is a Greek word that translates to "Hand Practice"; we use our hands to detect then correct chiropractic subluxations in your pet's body. It works very well on equine athletes as well as companion pets.


The art and science of inserting needles into specific points along meridians in your animal companion's body to help him or her to feel better, heal him/herself, correct imbalances, and improve general health. This is used on your companions who have arthritis, autoimmune diseases, urinary incontinence, and many other issues that interfere with quality of life.


A viable alternative to surgery! In approximately 80% of dogs with cruciate tears, prolotherapy can stabilize the knee joint and resolve the issues associated with a torn cruciate. It is also used on luxating patellas and back issues.

Nutritional Counseling:

Companion animals eat a lot of highly processed, commercial foods. We see problems in our hospital almost daily with diabetes (especially cats), GI and hair coat problems, weight gain or loss that are directly correlated with feeding food that is NOT species appropriate to pets. Wheat and corn are cheap fillers in dog and cat food. Your companions should be fed a HIGH QUALITY species appropriate diet in which there is NO wheat or corn and restricted amounts of other grains. The money spent on high quality, species appropriate foods for your companions will be rewarded by fewer health problems and longer, more vital lives.

Grooming & Boarding:

Valley Veterinary has a state-of-the-art grooming salon and boarding facility as well as high-quality veterinary care for all your companion animals and livestock.